In Honor of  Wesley Gosse  1935-2009
Member of the:
The Bay Arena Association
First President of the:
Bay Arena Minor Hockey Association
To Honor the Memory of Mr. Wesley Gosse
                          Wesley Gosse
             March 11, 1935 - June 1, 2009

  From his earliest years, Wes demonstrated a true passion for the
game of hockey.  A natural play-maker and goal-scorer, he starred
in the old CBN Sr. Hockey League and later played with MUN in
the St. John’s Sr. League and with the original Ceebees under
George Faulkner in the NAHA.

  Soon after his competitive hockey years, by then a teacher and
high school administrator, he directed his considerable
organizational talents toward CBN Minor Hockey and later the Bay
Arena Minor Hockey Association, serving them consecutively as
President for 16 years combined.  Meanwhile he pursued his love
of coaching high school hockey at the first Amalgamated School
and later at Ascension Colleigate.

  Wes was an original member and an integral part of the Board of
Directors fo the Bay Arena Association, serving actively until his
passing in 2009.  Never losing sight of the aims, purposes and
importance of the Bay Arena, he contributed immensely toward its
success in his calm, thoughtful and effective manner, and was
highly respected by all.

We will miss him.

Lewis E. Gosse
Past President
On June 1st, 2009, the Board of Directors of the Bay Arena, lost one of their
outstanding Board Members, Mr. Wesley Gosse.

Mr. Gosse was a member of the Board from the very beginning and up to the time of
his passing.  Out of respect the Board of Directors at a meeting on November 30,
2009 decided to honor his many years of service by renaming
"The Bay Room" to
"Wesley Gosse Memorial Bay Room".  A suitable plaque and picture containing
a history of his hockey accomplishments will be placed in the Wesley Gosse Memorial
Bay Room.

It was also decided by the Board of Directors that a special Minor Hockey award be
presented at the Midget level.  There is now a perpetual trophy and a financial award.  
The award will consider academic standings, sportsmanship, character and hockey
ability, extra curricular activities.  This award will be presented at the time of graduation
from minor hockey.  In conjunction with the Bay Arena Minor Hockey Association we
are proud to offer a $500.00 scholarship.

Recipient for the 2009-2010 Hockey season Jarrod Dawe.

Recipient for the 2010-2011 Hockey season Benjamin Mercer